Holiday Party For A Cause – Fundraiser

Temple Vitality Foundation, Inc. and Carolina United Flag Football Club are non-profit
organizations that have chosen to undertake the duty of uplifting the local community and giving
back to vulnerable populations. With a focus on mental illness, Temple Vitality Foundation
(TVF) work with individuals who have difficulties with daily function, with the overall goal
being to enhance this population’s ability to operate independently with the least amount of
intervention. Carolina United Flag Football Club (CU Flag) focuses on promoting continued
health and fitness for young men, women and children through sport. Motivated to impact lives
from a grassroots approach, these organizations are teaming up to raise funds to continue their
mission and uplift the community.


The Exclusive Holiday Party For A Cause: Fundraiser Event will take place on December 14,
2019 from 7-11 pm at Duke University’s Cameron Indoor Stadium. This event will be the
ultimate VIP give back experience with guests enjoying live music, red carpet alongside an
illustrious step and repeat, photo booth corner, silent auction, whiskey tasting, a gourmet dinner
buffet, and private viewing of Cameron Indoor Stadium. At this event, guests will have the
opportunity to enjoy the cheer of the holiday season, while supporting local charities.


The purpose of The Exclusive Holiday Party For A Cause: Fundraiser Event seeks to raise funds to
continue to promote awareness around the subjects of mental illness and young men, women and
children’s health and fitness in the local community. Understanding the need to help other
vulnerable populations, TVF and CU Flag aim to support additional non-profits at this event.

We will also have a silent auction that will focus on raising funds for East Durham Children’s Initiative
(EDCI), benefiting children and low-income families living in East Durham, and Love Overload,
assisting and empowering women and young girls living in local women’s shelters. TVF and CU
Flag believe both of these organizations are an extension of the work of TVF and CU Flag, as the
populations EDCI and Love Overload serve many times deal with the challenges of mental
illness as well as childhood obesity and diseases.


TVF and CU Flag’s goal is to raise $25,000 through this fundraiser event. Reaching this goal will
assist in proceeding with TVF and CU Flag’s objectives, including educating the community on
mental illness and physical health-related topics, as well as providing resources for continued

To learn more about this event and to grab your tickets while their still available, visit

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